Tier-1 Support Specialist

Tier-1 Support Specialist

(support techs, specialists & help desk analysts)

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“This is my first time doing an online course , and for me at least there’s always a weariness about the quality and substance of any online course.  But with this course I feel that I’m getting good information from a knowledgeable, competent source!” –T1SS student

Course Description: The ever-changing world of a high-tech customer-support environment places ever-increasing demands on support specialists and help desk analysts to meet the technical and business needs of the customer while providing unsurpassed customer care. Balancing these responsibilities can be challenging, but Tier-1 Support Specialist training will prepare you to meet these challenges and others.

Who Should Enroll? This course is the pathway for attaining SPC Tier-1 Support Specialist (T1SS) Certification and is recommended for front-line support techs, support specialists and help desk analysts and professional who want to develop their knowledge and skills for delivering world-class customer and technical support.

Class Fee: $995 USD
(priced at $1,595 at many universities and colleges)

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