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What is Spoodle?

SPOODLE stands for Skills, Performance, and Outcomes On-Demand Learning Environment. Our SPOODLE Learning Management System provides each student the ideal blended e-learning environment. SPOODLE is built the same way any online college course is built. It is:

Online: no travel costs or excused absences required—even the certification exam is online and proctored!

On-demand: self-paced and available 24/7

Interactive: students interact with other students who are enrolled in the same course through assignments, discussion forums and chat rooms.

Blended: the course instructor is involved in the student’s progress throughout the course. Students interact with the instructor in each and every unit of the course and receive feedback on their submitted assignments.

Each and every course unit contains the following elements and students cannot proceed to the next unit until completing all required assignments:

  • Course notes
  • An instructor-led e-Learning module (either video or audio)
  • Unit Takeaways assignment
  • Unit review quiz
  • Additional assignments (external reading, external video or audio, information gathering, or related research assignment)

Each and every course includes:

Proctored Qualifying Exam: this is the post-course “certification exam” that awards knowledge-level certification and qualifies the student for candidate status in our performance certification. The exam is a secured exam and is proctored online (no need to visit a proctoring facility) using the same proctoring technology used by colleges and universities around the world.

Performance-Outcomes Assignment: Completion of this assignment proves competency in the skills taught in the course and awards full Support Performance Certification to the candidate.

View a sample of our Tier-1 Support Specialist certification class:

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Just visit our online university, click the Sign-up button in the green box, and enter NYBK-JJDB as the access code.  Then enter your enrollment details to complete the registration.  That’s it!  You are now enrolled in the live Tier-1 Support Specialist class.  It’s that simple!  This is not a demo. You will have full access to the course, including course content, media resources, assignment submission, instructor interaction, unit quizzes, social forums, and post-unit performance challenges for a period of 10 days.  The enrollment will automatically expire after 10 days, so if you would like to continue with a full registration please make arrangements with the instructor.


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