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SCInc. ReviewsOur client companies span every industry–from high-tech to industrial to aviation to law.  And our client groups span every department and functional unit–from IS & IT to Commercial to HR to EH&S to Operations.  And our target audience for development includes every level of leadership in the organization as well as front-line employees.

Here are a few representative participant reviews from some of our most recent sessions . . .

Building Employee Engagement (Onsite Session)

“I liked that the presenter was well prepped for us – knew more about us than most presenters – good job!  And, I liked the interaction with the small groups, was some of the most engaged discussion on the ‘soft’ skills training I’ve seen with the group.”

“Presenter was very knowledgeable in his material and his delivery.  Obviously not the first time he has delivered this presentation!”

“Well delivered and useful training for management”

“I thought this was a great session.  The facilitator was engaging, knowledgeable, and absolutely made it entertaining, as well.  I think that I gained more actual and valuable tools in this session than any other leader session we have had – will be able to use immediately.”

“This was exceptionally developed and delivered. Very targeted content based on prior instruction. All aspects were relevant, timely and useful.”

“The information in the session was fantastic. The leader did a great job of explaining each of the concepts, in terms that we could all relate to, and helping us immediately apply them in our day-to-day jobs. The group discussions and activities took it a step further and allowed us to practice the skills we were taught.”

“This was a very interactive session, from the get go we were engaged in discussions with each other”

“The instructor definitely got us thinking on how to improve our abilities to engage people.  I definitely learned a lot during the session and most importantly left at the end of day with a feeling that I now have tools that I can use immediately to help me improve the engagement of my project team members.  The instructor was excellent and kept us interested during the whole day. It was also great to see that whatever question anyone had, he was able to answer and illustrates his answers with fitting examples.”

“Awesome session!”

“This was the best “soft” skills training we have had thus far.  It seemed to pull together other trainings we did without that being an explicit agenda.  Saw teammates using other skills here and commenting on how this allowed them to use/practice those skills too.”

“I thought the instructor led a great presentation.  His interactive group exercises kept the audience engaged and provided for an interesting and informative day.  The course material was both interesting and relevant.”

“I think we should bring SCInc. back for more sessions!”

“We should look for opportunities to use this trainer again.”

“The facilitator was excellent and should be invited again to work with us”

“Really enjoyed a topic that I felt every single management team member could apply to their position. Would be great to leverage the instructor again for another topic/session.”


Tier 1 Support Specialist Training (Onsite Session)

“Excellent class and instructor. He really brought things together.”

“Instructor was excellent! Kept my attention throughout entire course! I learned a lot! Thank you!”

“Excellent!!! Superb instruction and information. I would recommend any [contact center] person take this seminar!”

“It was wonderful to have such a good time; I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.”

“I enjoyed the instructor’s skill, presentation, summation, and style—highest accolades!”

“The instructor used many visuals to enhance creativity and made the seminar very exciting and interesting.”

“Instructor is a very creative instructor. He knows how to run a class!”

“Totally enjoyed this course!”

“Fun, exciting, well-paced, informative, relaxed atmosphere.”

Tier 1 Support Specialist Training (Online Course)

“I really enjoyed it. Some parts were a refresher and other parts were things that never crossed my mind.  What I like most about this course is the fact that you can pace yourself.  Very helpful for those who have full-time jobs and are also parents. I also like the fact that it’s very easy to communicate with the instructor.   I must admit, the class was way better than I assumed it would be.” (T1SS Online)

“I have to admit, I was not at all enthralled with the thought of taking on online class, and have surprised myself (and my supervisor) on how much I am enjoying it. Again, thank you!” (T1SS Online)

“I just wanted to give a note of appreciation. I’m only partially through the course at this point, but so far I’ve enjoyed your lectures. You have a warm, confident, and authoritative style that instills a sense of confidence and learning. This is my first time doing an online course (I have a Bachelor’s degree from a small liberal arts college in PA), and, for me at least, there’s always a weariness about the quality and substance of any online course. But with your course at least, I feel that I’m getting good information from a knowledgeable, competent source!” (T1SS Online)


Support Operations Manager Training (Onsite Session)

“I thought it was outstanding! It was very informative and related directly to the job I do.”

“Very fun and interesting class—learned a great deal because it was not slow or boring!”

“Instructor is very poised and knowledgeable”

“Instructor was extremely confident, well mannered, tied everything together—left the feeling of professionalism and importance of our job.”

“Excellent instructor, great training, great interaction; empowering—Thanks!”

“Fun and educational. Learned how to treat others and myself.”

“Instructor was a very good teacher. He really touched on some of the things I was going through!”

“The presenter is a wonderful instructor for this subject. He has personal experiences to share and he uses what he is teaching when working with the class.”

“Thanks for a great experience of excitable teaching!”

“The presenter was the best instructor of any seminar I have ever attended”


Customer Support Agent Training (Onsite Session)

“Extremely knowledgeable instructor who ensures you complete the class with more knowledge and skills than you entered with.”

“I would recommend any [contact center] person take this seminar!”

“Instructor did a terrific job!”

“The presenter is a wonderful, intelligent, enthusiastic, patient instructor—kept you awake, wanting to learn.”

“No improvements necessary, other than to make sure you ‘keep’ this instructor!”

“Instructor was excellent. Very enthusiastic and helpful to all. Extremely knowledgeable in all areas.”

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