Building Employee Engagement

What Leaders Do to Manage Talent for a High Performance Culture

“Awesome session.  This was one of the best leadership sessions we have ever had!”

building employee engagementLearn the 70/30 Rule

Most organizations aspire to achieve a high-performance culture.   But statistically speaking, most of those same organizations operate with two-thirds of their workforce in an unengaged or disengaged state.  The result?  A workforce populated by low to medium performers who have a moderate commitment, put in a moderate effort, and are currently formulating an exit strategy.

“I thought this was a great session–exceptionally developed and delivered.  The facilitator was engaging, knowledgeable, and absolutely made it entertaining as well.  I think that I gained more actual and valuable tools in this session than any other leadership session I have attended – will be able to use immediately.”

An engaged employee, on the other hand, is fully involved in and enthusiastic about their work, has a heightened sense of ownership, puts discretionary time and effort in their job, and acts in the best interest of the organization.  Organizations that actively build employee engagement routinely experience 60% greater shareholder returns, higher employee retention, significant gains in performance, and radically reduced absenteeism.

You’ll Learn:

  • what “engagement” is and why it matters for high performance
  • how to identify and manage your engaged employees–and build engagement with your unengaged employees!
  • why workforce differentiation is critical to successful talent management
  • the psychology of the engaged, and what makes them tick
  • six drivers of engagement, and how to use them to build a culture of engagement
  • the ABCs of managing your “ABC” performers
  • how to match performers to job roles, and align talent to tasks for maximum contribution and job satisfaction
  • how to adjust your leadership style to the needs of the performer
  • why feedback must be bi-directional, and how to give and receive it!
  • how to coach improvements to performance and behaviors in four easy steps!

“The information in the session was fantastic.  The leader did  a great job of explaining each of the concepts in terms that we could all relate to, and helped us immediately to apply them in our day-to-day jobs.  The group discussions and activities took it a step further and allowed us to practice the skills we were taught.”

Targeted to all levels of organizational leadership–C-level, VP, director, managing director and senior manager alike.  Join the growing number of organizations who have learned that the secret to a high-performance culture is employee engagement.

I definitely learned a lot during the session and most importantly left at the end of day with a feeling that I now have tools that I can use immediately to help me improve the engagement of my project team members.   The instructor was excellent, kept us interested, and was able to answer any question and back his answers with fitting examples.

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