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If you’re looking for training then you may want to look elsewhere. We’re about development, not training. What’s the difference? Too often managers turn to “training” to solve a performance or behavioral issue expecting that issue to resolve itself afterward. But an increase in performance or a change in behaviors is almost never achieved simply by attending a class or taking a course. Why? Because training is the beginning of the process, but it is only the beginning and should never be thought of as the goal.

A competency is a mixture of knowledge, skills and abilities. Training can satisfy the first of those, but cannot in itself impart a competency. Performance and behaviors change only after training translates into practice which in turn translates into skills development which in turn translates into abilities which then qualify as a competency. At SCInc. we build competency development into all of our training programs so you’re not left to compete the process on your own.

At SCInc. we specialize in organization effectiveness, high-performance culture change, professional skills building and leadership development. Although we have broad experience applying these specializations to a wide-range of industry sectors, our core focus is on IT Support-Services Management and Delivery models and EHS Safety Leadership and Culture solutions.

IT Support-Services Management and Delivery

In its early years SCInc. was instrumental in defining industry standards for call-center, technical-support, and help-desk certification around the world, and developed the first-ever certification training program in the industry, as well as the first and only performance-based industry certification–Support Performance Certification (SPC).

Over the past 20 years we have trained and developed literally thousands of Support-Operations Managers, Support-Operations Directors, Tech-Support Specialists and Customer-Support Agents throughout the world on the core competencies needed to run a world-class support center–from customer-service culture, to problem-solving, to leadership development, to managing people. Our training and development approach is always outcomes-based and performance-based, which means we focus on real skills building and competency development to add value to your team.

We are committed to delivering to our customers the most relevant and timely training, development, tools and resources to enable them to exceed their greatest professional goals, and to aid them in providing exceptional service to their own customers. Our goal is to continue to be the number one provider of performance-based development in the support industry. Call us toll-free at 877-916-1510 to find out how we can help you!

SCInc. e-University

SCInc. e-University brings support-industry certification and training directly to your desktop. All of our online courses are modeled after college e-learning courses. They are instructor-led, blended, online, interactive and available 27/7.  Each SCInc. e-University course includes a proctored certification exam that is available online and that uses the same proctoring system used by universities around the world for their e-learning exams. Each course also includes a performance-outcomes assignment that is designed to develop the skills learned in the course into job competencies that increase your value to the organization and the industry.

For more information, take a look at our Spoodle page, or go directly to our Spoodle LMS; or call us toll-free at 877-916-1510!

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