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Handling Unrealistic Customer Requests

Every once in a while a customer will ask for something that you just can’t deliver. In many cases, the reason you can’t deliver the specific request is because it may be against company policy, or it’s a product you don’t support or sell; or maybe it violates a regulation or a law to comply [...]

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Essential Skills for Desk-Side Customer Support

Not all customer-support providers are confined to phone support. Some provide desk-side support solely; but it’s not uncommon for a support professional to wear both hats. When supporting a customer in person, keep in mind that you still have only a few seconds to create a good first impression. Taking advantage of some key suggestions [...]

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@#$%! Dealing With Abusive Customers

Anyone who has spent any time at all in the customer-support industry has at one time or another encountered this category of difficult customer. This is the customer who calls and immediately bombards you with foul or abusive language. These are the worst kind of difficult customers precisely because they seem to go out of [...]

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